Phil Dawson of Cleveland Browns Kicks Incredible Field Goal in last seconds

Phil Dawson

Phil Dawson played college football at the University of Texas Austin.
Dawson began his professional football playing career in the NFL in March 1999 with the Cleveland Browns and has continued to serve as the team's field goal kicker for the Browns through today, 2007.
Dawson was the first player to score for the Cleveland Browns after their 1999 reactivation and beginning of play in Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Amazing Field Goal

Nov 18, 2007, with three seconds remaining in the fourth quarter down three points to the Baltimore Ravens Phil Dawson kicked the field goal that will be shown if and when "It's good play on! Phil" is inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.
After reading multiple descriptions of this incredulous field goal kick, I still did not know quite what I was going to see upon watching it.
I'll summarize it as such Phil Dawson sets up for the tying field goal 51 yards out(his longest ever is 52 yards.) The accomplished kicker lets 'er rip, it looks
good, then from Dawson's perspective, veers to the left, it bounces off the inside of the left goal post, falls toward the ground, before reaching the ground the ball hits atop curved goal post support on the inside of the goal having crossed the plane of the goal posts, after bouncing off the support the ball goes back through the goal posts and lands on the Baltimore Ravens side of the uprights.

See for yourself...

Same thing if above times out.

So the kicker Dawson comes through after initially being ruled no good, the officials realize their mistake rule kick good which sends the game in to overtime.
It was really a kicker's dream night for Phil Dawson too, as he went on to kick the game winning field goal in overtime for a 33-30 Cleveland Browns victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

Here is CBS's post-game coverage.

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