Weedy Sea Dragon of Australia

The Weedy Sea Dragon a.k.a Common Sea Dragon is quite an interesting and lovely looking fish of the ocean.

The "weedy" protrusions serve as camouflage when the Sea Dragon is perusing around underwater in its natural habitat of,

that's right, seaweed!

If the little weedy fella gets the munchies he or she is likely to dine on some nice plankton or tiny crustaceans.

These exquisitely engaging, patterned little creatures use that crustacean and plankton energy to grow a body up to 45 centimeters / almost 18 inches long.

If you'd like to lay your eyes on a Weedy / Common Sea Dragon in the flesh you'll likely have good luck off the beaches and shores of the southern coast

of Australia and the waters around Tasmania.

Or, If you're not the ocean-diving type you can stay dry and view these Australian Sea Dragon wonders at the Melbourne Aquarium in Melbourne, Australia

Outside of Australia the Sea Dragon is on display at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.

The patterns on the body of a Weedy Sea Dragon are quite mesmerizing.

Picture of Weedy / Common Sea Dragon
Weedy Sea Dragon

Weedy Sea Dragon Video

The Bahamas is another place to see some interesting sea life!

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