Okmok Caldera Volcano

Panoramic Photo Detailing the Width of the Okmok Caldera

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The caldera volcano atop the summit of Mount Okmok erupted Saturday July 12, 2008.

The caldera began spewing ash to an elevation of over 30,000 feet at around 11:43am

local time.

In the above photo, the indented ring is the Okmok Caldera you can then see inside this caldera are numerous pyroclastic cones and lava domes, appearing as volcanoes inside the Mount Okmok volcano.

It was one or more of these 'interior volcanoes' that erupted recently.

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Steve McNutt, a geophysicist and volcanologist in the area advised not getting into

a 10 mile radius of the Okmok Caldera, an instruction that should be easily

complied with owing to the human population density of the area.

Okmok Volcano

The Okmok volcano is located on Umnak Island in the western half of the Aleutian

Island archipelago.

Umnak Island Map

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Umnak Island is about 860 miles out from Alaska's most populous city, Anchorage.

Mount Okmok Caldera Volcano emitting steam in 2002



Anonymous said...

The caldera you would think would fill with water like Crater Lake or the big caldera in northern North Korea, but it appears from looking at the photo that any meltwater would drain at the far end of the picture.

The MSNBC new account of the eruption today said that the nine or ten people rescued were from "a cattle ranch". I didn't think any grasses on the windswept Aleutians would support a cattle ranch operation, although I understand a flourishing sheep population on this particular island once existed.

Anonymous said...

i need more info than this.....! thanx anyway