Clackers by any other name...


Clacker you say?

Just what is a clacker?

"Objects termed 'clackers' can be many things."

The big green cat says today.

Clacker this, Clacker that, Clacker over your welcome mat.

Called a Clacker mainly owing to the sound it emits.

A bird is a chirper,

That - ... , those my friends are clackers!

Here we have a clacker toy, constructed purely for the sake of joy.

clacker toy

A clacker like this, moves where it is taken, the water flows smoothly, and is never shaken.

water clacker
bamboo water fountain clacker

Some luminescent toy clackers, refecting on a reflective surface.

red orange toy clackers

Another toy clacker from days of yore, having spawned so much joy, it gets its own doily.

antique toy clacker
antique wooden toy clacker

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Day Tooley said...

I admire your photography. Great eye.

Thanks for posting it.

Day T.
Portland, OR