Vodka Glasses

Vodka Glasses some might say can carry a distinction from their drinking brother, the shot glass. This is the case as a simple vodka glass can sometimes be quite the piece to admire.
Well, where did this vodka glass craft originate? For that I suppose one would do well to look at the Russians as the Russian Vodka Glass(see the caps? Respect!) was surely forebear to all the glasses to follow.

Follow they did:

Faberge Vodka Glasses
are an interesting affair!

Of course the classicVodka Martini Glass

and who doesn't love the appearance of a nice crystal vodka glass?

Even vodka makers such as Ciroc took a cue from the Russians in designing their own quite stylish Ciroc vodka glasses for their customers to imbibe their Russian water.

Premium vodka wunderkind Grey Goose no doubt are sure to join in with their own Grey Goose vodka glass sets.

With all those vodka glasses and the accompanied drinking, some people may think - calorie, and wonder just how many calories in a glass of vodka?

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