Electrocardiograma Artistico 411 - more pictures! - truly Artistica

Filemon Trevino's feat of artistic ingenuity has already been profiled here, and now I have returned to bring you more photos of this interesting artwork sweeping the zeitgeist, The Artistico 411 ! ! !

Electrocardiograma Artistica 411 Photos

In this picture you can see the artist, Trevino, standing next to his lengthy work. If you look behind Trevino at the base of the stairs you can see more plastic
barriers that line this piece of artwork.

This small visible section, however, only hints at the astounding length of the "Electrocardiograma Artistica 411" which spans in total a quarter of mile.

Electrocardiograma Artistica 411

The Electrocardiograma's depiction, as implied by the title Trevino has placed upon the piece, is of the heart and circulatory system. You can see a part of how this has been depicted in the displayed paper at the base of the above photo.

These photos were taken in Monterrey, Mexico.

Maybe in a year and a half or so we will see a piece of even of even greater length, someone whom Mr. Trevino has just now inspired, and who will work
at the reapid pace of Trevino, which actually impacted upon his physical health. Maybe, but something tells me Filemon Trevino will be holding onto
this Guinness World Record for the longest drawing for some time to come.


= )

1 comment:

ginny mangrum said...


I am an artist who has worked with the same form for over two years now, and still am not sure what to do with it, or how to present it...I love the way you have decided to present it.

Mine is playing with an enclosed plexi glass encasement, with layers of transparant sheets that have transferred photographs of the EKG waves mixed compositionally with hallways and life hasn't gone anywhere...this is driven from my heart condition and self analysis of course....ha.

Your work has allowed me to think about it again.

Good luck!