Filemon Trevino, Mexican Artist Displays A Strong Will

Have you ever just gotten the urge to draw something?

So maybe you got a sheet of paper and then began drawing, and then maybe you determined your vision would be better suited to two pieces of paper.

Maybe then you got another sheet to continue the drawing and what the heck maybe another, so now with four sheets of paper
you might think "You know self? I've got a pretty big drawing going here."

But what if you were to continue drawing on more and more sheets of paper? Say these were the standard size 11.5 by 8 inch sheets of paper, and say for some reason you want to make this the longest drawing in the world, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Well, to do so would require in excess of 1,350 sheets of paper if that was the chosen medium.

Why such a number?

The Mexican Artist Filemon Trevino in 2005 completed what has recently been recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as being the longest drawing in the world.

The work entitled 'Electrocardiograma Artistico 411' required more than 800 pencils to complete.

Trevino's lengthy artistic expression portrays the human heart and circulatory system.

This feat of artistic feet no doubt took considerable heart on the part of Mr. Filemon Trevino who began the drawing in July of 2004

in pursuit of his lifelong quest of setting a world record.

So, in August 2005 after more than a year of intense focus on his chosen task and numerous health problems due to the artist, Trevino's own admission of "Forgetting to drink water"(That's focus) Monterrey, Mexico artist Filemon Trevino completed the work that would satisfy his lifelong quest of getting into the record books.

Picture of 'Electrocardiograma Artistico 411'

In this photo - foto, the artist Filemon Trevino can be seen standing with a section of his record breaking piece 'Electrocardiograma Artistico 411' in the background below.

A 50 meter long section of the work can be seen in the Engineering Department of Regiomontana University in Monterrey, Mexico where the 411 meter or 1350 feet work was first unveiled in March 2008.


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Rteest said...

Yeah, I've thought about doing something similar...

Anonymous said...

I think that the "artist" has come psychological problems spending a year drawing lines.

Anonymous said...

"I think that the "artist" has come psychological problems spending a year drawing lines."
Naa, he is my professor, he did that more on his free times. He teach us about careers and life.