Ichthyologist who is down with Ichthyology.

Ichthyologist what is that? I hear some imaginary voice cry out.

Well, a definition of Ichthyology that is as explanatory as it is concise could be said as follows -

Ichthyology is the branch of zoology dealing with the study of fish.

An Ichthyologist of course being one who practices the study of fish.


People having been studying fish for a long, long time, or should I say practicing Ichthyology.

Some theorize that our early homo-sapien ancestors before even leaving Africa were ardent Ichthyologists.

The theory goes, with archaeological evidence to back it that, that early man was drawn to areas along the African coast due to the abundant food supplies of the ocean.

So it was these ancient ancestors of ours who had to study the fish, in order to catch them.

It is then theorized that this high-protein diet along with the unique fatty acids contained in the fish contributed to early mans brain development, as the constituents of the fish diet were particularly nourishing to the brain and spurred it's development.


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