Thoughts on Things and Littlefield, Arizona

Recently, you may seen the post on what ants eat, if so, you may have had some of the same thoughts or feelings as me.

In particular, all of us on this planet and in this universe, being made of essentially the same stuff, yet there is so much apparent variety.

So no surprise should necessarily be had at what ants eat and the vast array of things they consume and the manner in which they do so. But, I certainly found it to be interesting nonetheless, even likely inspiration for future posts. The huge number of different ant species also was appealing to my interests.

and on another note...

Littlefield, Arizona is an interesting town having come to my attention.

Littlefield is located the absolute northwest corner of Arizona.

What is unique about Littlefield, is that although it is located in Arizona, if you want to travel to another part of the state, Phoenix for example, you must first cross into one of the adjacent states, either Nevada or Utah.

This requirement is due to the town of Littlefield being located just northwest of Grand Canyon National Park and there being no roads connecting the town to other areas of the state without first crossing the state bounds into Nevada or Utah.

Littlefield is located west of the Virgin River, a tributary to the Colorado River.

Littlefield is also the only city in the state of Arizona to be located along Interstate highway 15, you can follow I-15 a little ways out of town and you will soon enter the Virgin River Gorge.

In the winter, when the climate is more suited to such activity, the Virgin River Gorge is a popular area for rock climbing.

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