Dashiki - Coolest of the Cool!

I always knew this type of shirt existed, but I never knew what to call it.

Well, I do now!

Meet the

African Dashiki Shirt

girl in dashiki
A young girl posing in her many-colored dashiki!

What is a Dashiki?

Well it is this stylish fabric shirt you see here of African Origin.

Let's face it, the suit and tie, khakis or 'casual wear' are not for everyone.

Sometimes you just want to say "You know, I'm just not comfortable in those clothes."


"I don't really see why everyone should wear the same the clothes."

You can still say those things and now you can say them visually as well by wearing your

own African Dashiki.

I'm glad I can do that after I buy a dashiki now that the all important step of

knowing what this garment is called has been taken care of.

I will now present to you the definitive guide to being a 21st century style machine!

  • Step 1 - Buy Dashiki

  • Step 2 - Wear Dashiki

  • Step 3 - Success!

3 people wearing dashikis
Three people chillin' in their dashikis.

Beyond the Dashikis obvious visual appeal, there are some added benefits a Dashiki

can provide you.

- The loose fit of a dashiki makes it an exceptionally comfortable piece of clothing.

- The sophisticated look of a dashiki along with their availability in a range of

colors and embroidery patterns makes it a piece of clothing appropriate for a wide

range of events.

- Perhaps a benefit some people will really like, because of the unique it's look

you're sure to attract some attention when wearing your dashiki. ;)

Just a few things to keep in mind when looking for a dashiki for sale!






There are sub step in no.2
2.1 Mix with jeans
2.2 Find the boot that match with Dashiki shirt .
2.3 Invite your friend to join Dashiki gangs.

David said...

Wow! what a great way to learn about the dashiki clothing....keep up the great work on enlightening us with the topic.....Just Dashiki

Dashiki For Men said...

Love the Dashiki style :)