Ladybug Pictures

Ladybug pictures are a great thing to look at when you are interested in seeing some natural beauty from the insect world.

Below is a selection of pictures featuring ladybugs and the environments in which these beautiful Lady Bugs can be found.

Ladybug on finger about to fly away
Ladybugs fly, and this ladybug sitting at the tip of a finger with wings outstretch, looks like it wants to prove it.

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Lady bug on flower petal
Yellow and Black Ladybug crawling outward along the petal of many-petaled pink flower.
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Ladybug on leafing admiring the veining pattern

Beautiful Closeup of a ladybug showing 3 and half of its ladybug spots with its red ladybug shell contrasting against a green leaf.

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Ladybug Crawling on Flower Petal
Ladybug with interesting red spots on its head crawling on a purple flower petal in San Diego, California.

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