Djembe all around

Djembes and humans have a lot in common, like uh...

Hailing originally from Africa and having since spread throughout the world is a characteristic of both the djembe and human beings.

...and, that's all i got...


and of course, humans have heads and djembe drums have drumheads.

In light of these quite curious similarities. Nearly stunningly, amazingly, interesting similarities perhaps.

Presented now are some pictures of Djembes and their human counterpart laying down some nice djembe rhythm.

From Africa, to the snowy north.

The Djembe has a bright future in Canada

Canadian Children standing by and playing many djembes

as evidenced by this photo of children playing the djembe in a Toronto, Ontario park.

Another Black & White Djembe Photo

people playing djembes
In this image of a Djembe drum circle we have an interesting perspective. Additionally we can see what is a common type of cord to secure and tune modern day djembe drum heads.

A man utilizes his Djembe in an intelligent manner

man playing djembe
more Djembes are visible in the background along with their presumptive percussive masters.

Abdoulaye Sylla playing the Djembe Drum

Abdoulaye Sylla djembe

Well known djembe percussionist Abdoulaye Sylla surely enjoys playing his djembe!

Lots of great places to play the Djembe

Byron Bay Djembe playing

this is surely one of them, Djembe players along with other instrumentalists gathered at a Byron Bay, Australia beach.

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