Sand Castle on Grand Cayman

A sand castle involving squares show its form in the sand on Sevenmile Beach, Grand Cayman Island.

Should the builders of this sand castle get hungry, they can work their ways back a bit from the beach and if they want cross the road remembering that cars drive on the left, if they hail from the U.S. or Canada or any other drive on the right side of the road area.

Once off the beach, sating the castle constructors hunger should be easily accomplished in one the many restaurants in the Seven mile Beach area.

Or, if not wanting to leave the beach a spear could be fashioned from a piece of wood, a fish gleaned from the ocean, and a fire built if you like your fish cooked.

Or, one could speak to one of the hotels or residents in the Seven Mile area and suggest they plant some fruit bearing trees, so a future beachgoer can harvest a snack from land or in the shade.

While many people visit the Cayman Islands to spend time off the land in the water
I'm sure some on the would be eager to do a little "rewilding."

Little Cayman and Cayman Brac as well, I imagine.

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