African Wood Carvings are Beautiful

The people of Africa have produced many extraordinarily beautiful wood carvings.

Here are some African wood carvings I feel like sharing today -

Carved Wood Giraffe Head

Giraffes are just cool animals, besides being the tallest living land species, their coat also has that cool pattern.
It's no surprise the influence of the giraffe can be found in the art of the African people.
The Giraffe's favorite source of food are Acacia trees.

African Carved Goat Head

An animal playing a more intimate role in the lives of some Africans is the goat.
Here is an African artist's interpretation of the head of a goat carved in wood.
This wood carving is housed in the the De Young Museum in San Francisco, CA.

Life-Like Human Head Wood Caving

This Human head wood carving is striking in its life-likeness.
The face of the species that carved the above works turns the focus on itself.

Ashanti Female Fertility Statue Ghana

Among the culture of Ghana this is recognized as an "Ashanti Mother" / "Ashanti female fertility statue" carved by an artisan of the Ashanti people.

N'tomo Mask from Mali

This is impressive, known as a N'tomo Mask, it is carved by the Bambara People of Mali and worn by dancers in Male initiation
This masked was carved around the turn of the last century and can be viewed at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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