Mancala Boards - Some Unique Ones

In the United States, Europe and elsewhere, board game players are typically used to seeing one standard type of Mancala board, the folding light-colored wooden Mancala board.

Before these, most familiar to many players, Mancala boards went into mass production, the game had been played for hundreds and hundreds of years. The earliest archaeological evidence of Mancala gameplay, dates to between the years 500 and 600 A.D.

Because of the long history of Mancala games, I felt an urge to display some unique Mancala boards.

For your viewing pleasure ...

Somewhat Regal Looking Mancala Board

This looks like a nice spot for a Mancala game. I can't tell if the Mancala board is somewhat oversized or if the table and drinking vessels are somewhat small.

Hand-Carved Mancala Board from Dark Wood

Here we have a hand carved board that has seen many fun games of Mancala. You can see the evidence of many many deposits and removal of the well-polished Mancala stones.

Close Shot, Colorful Beads

The wood grain showing through the paint of this Mancala board give it a nice look.

Hand-Shaped Clay Mancala Board

A game of Mancala in progress on what looks to be a board shaped out of clay. The board has a pretty nice looking crack in it, but it seems to be holding together well. It appears beans are functioning as the pieces for this game. An item no doubt used in games early in the history of Mancala.

Green & Red Painted Mancala Board

Here is an ornately decorated Mancala board, with small seashells being used for the Mancala game pieces. Brilliant!

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